emerging leaders need mentorship at every phase of their lives for direction, self-discovery, and to achieve vision


NGO with a mandate to bridge the mentoring vacuum between individuals (mentees) and successful professionals (mentors)

A wide gap exists between the haves and the have-not, between the few successful people in the society and those finding their path in life, between top successful entrepreneurs, sports personalities and other professionals. Between well-funded urban schools and the struggling schools in poorer communities. Between the government and the governed. Hence, one of the most important human endeavors of the 21st century world is to eliminate the differences between two people or groups.



— Mentoring Summit

The mentoring summit is an annual convergence of national and international professionals in all fields, where mentoring and life coaching, career and purpose pursuits, business are discussed.

— Mentor the Future Mentors

Great impact is made when mentorship effects move in circle and replication. We train our mentees to be become great mentors, who in turn mentor other mentees in the future.

— Mobile Impact

To achieve our global mentorship coverage, we harness digital platforms to reach our virtual audience in a smart and fast way. We deliver mentorship contents and ensure its consistent application for productivity.

— Campus Connect

Most major life decisions that require mentorship are made on campus, and these choices determine life outcomes. Our Campus Connect programme provides all-round mentorship for students, which positively shapens their lives influence and guide then at crossroads.



We are committed to unlock excellence in every mentee through excellent mentorship.


We build every mentee or leadership and management demands in their chosen sphere.


A major focus of our program is human capital for our mentees.


The success of the initiatives thrives on strategic partnership with professionals and organisations.